my week in pictures #12

can you believe that it is already that time of the week again! this week has been so hectic it had literally felt like a month. am very lucky to have rounded my week off with the IMATS yesterday and a rest/tv day today
1. this is pretty much where i’ve spent most of my week. in a warehouse in a top secret location! haha well fairly top secret as i can’t say where it is but its our latest project that is almost complete at work. exciting!!
2. catching up on episodes on a rare break at uni. anyone else watching this show? at first i didn’t like it but each week it seems to get better
3. a surprise that was lurking in my wardrobe when i got home! my mum was kind enough to pick up the liz earle starter kit for me which i have wanted to try forever
4. me just before i left for the IMATS!
5. some painted ladies at the IMATS. the amount of body art and things that were going on was just amazing
6. this photo warms my heart. its my two girls in my room at the same time. charlotte (my cat) it pretty much scared of lola my rabbit but today for the first day she came into my room while lola was in her cage and settled down on the bed. had to take a photo to mark the momentous occasion =)
hope you all had a great week. i’ve got another busy one ahead. 2011 has literally started off at a race pace but i’m not complaining as i would rather be busy then bored!
  • Awww, the bunny and cat are too cute!
    Are you going to do an IMATS haul?!
    I wish there was an IMATS going on near me!


  • Awww, its a cute moment when animals realise that the big scary one isn’t going to eat them :)

  • Just watched your imats haul, looks like you got some great things. Pleased to see you managed to pick up a z palette xx

  • @Savannah – it made me very happy that they were both in the same room together =) x

    @Amey Jane – it really is!x

    @nicoletta – thanks! so so glad i got one! i spied a shelf with them on and ran over and picked up one for myself x

  • Hey, I have recently discovered beauty blogs, and have just started reading your blog and I just wanted to say I love it. I love that you mix it up with photos, videos and writing, it’s a refreshing change. I am desperate to start my own blog, about being a newly converted beauty lover and other things, but I have NO idea how to make it as pretty and interesting as yours, and all the blogs I follow, you couldn’t help at all could you?

    Keep up the great blogging – I love you!

    Steph x

  • @Steph says… – thanks for your kind comment =) blog about anything and everything your interested in. the best thing i find is if your interested in what your writing about most likely other people will be too. if you have an questions just email me xx

  • sounds and looks like you had a good week! lovely idea for a post :)

    The Flower Girl


  • I cam across your blog whilst reading Nicoletta’s latest blog entry. I love your videos on here, and great idea for ‘my week in pictures’, I haven’t seen that done before but is a great idea.

  • @Becky-May – thanks sweets =) xx

    @Nicole – Top To Toe – thanks for your kind comment! there are a few similar posts around but its nice to have a good old catch up each week =) xx