my week in pictures #11

good evening one and all! hope you all have a great week =) mine has been pretty hectic and it was nice to have a weekend with nothing to do but relax. a well needed break! i hope the january blues arn’t getting to you too badly and those who are able to go to the IMATS are excited!
1. i picked up heather grey from nails inc in the diet coke offer. since my splurge on the latest mac collections i swore not to buy any makeup until the IMATS so this nail varnish was a nice free treat! and i say free cos i was buying two bottles of diet coke anyway :P
2. i finally took the plunge and depotted some of my mac shadows to fill up my pallet. it was a lot easier then expected and now my pallet is looking full to the brim! gives me an excuse to pick up a z pallet at the IMATS!
3. i made myself home made american pancakes this morning. during the week i usually stick to bran flakes in the morning but at the weekend i like to have a yummy brunch instead
4. casual gym shot! i wanted to try zumba for the first time today but annoyingly when i called yesterday to book it was already full booked! so instead i was good and just did some machines instead
5. roast for one! okay clearly there is more food for just one person but i wanted to treat myself to a roast so whizzed round m&s yesterday and picked up these goodies
and that has been my week! ill be doing a post about my experience with depotting my shadows and how i did it =)
  • i’ve been looking at z palettes online today :) can find the large ones but nobody with the little ones :(
    loving heather grey, definately need to pick it up! xx

  • Gem

    I love these posts, I’m so nosey! I’ll be interested to see your posts on IMATS. I don’t really understand what it’s all about yet and whether I’d enjoy it or not! xx

  • Jo

    I’ve been wanting to depot some eyeshadows since Nicoletta wrote about it but i’m still scared! Feel slightly better now you’ve done and think it was easier than you expected -but, eeek!


  • @Sarah – that’s why im hoping i can pick some up from the stand instead of ordering online. heather grey is my fav out of all of them. so glad i got it =) xx

    @Gem – yay thanks! basically IMATS is a trade show for makeup artists and people who love makeup! they have talks by big industry professionals and also stands from various brands selling products. will post all about it xx

    @Jo – everytime ive seem people depot their shadows they always managed to scrape or dent them. i tried first with one which is practically empty and it was super easy. so damage caused at all!xx

  • Looks like you had a great week!


  • Lovely post :). I also tried to book a zumba class as well. Like you, it was fully booked very quickly :(.

  • @Savannah – it was thanks =) hope you had a great week too xx

    @Amey Jane – thanks hun! yeah zumba is mentally popular at the moment! can’t go next weekend as am back in london but fingers crossed the week after i can give it a try xx

  • I really like that nail polish color!

  • I picked that same nail colour when i got my two bottles of diet coke, I love the colour and I wore it the other week!
    Enjoyed reading your post :)

  • @Sarah – its a lovely colour! great for the transition from winter to spring too x

    @Julie – glad you like it too and managed to pick one up! thanks =) x

  • Love the polish color! Great job :) Following!