my week in pictures #10

it has been a busy old start to the year! since i got back to bournemouth last week it has been full steam ahead! i had birthday parties on friday and saturday too so truly worked hard and played hard =)
1. my filofax’s first day in the office! as you can see i don’t know how i lived without it as it is already full and bursting with post-it notes!
2. massive creme egg box! this excited me greatly in macro!! reallllly wanted to get it but it was £14 and knowing me it would be gone in a week :p
3. cocktails for my housemates birthday NOM
4. my first spinning class! such a hard class and my legs are still knackered but so glad i did it. just gotta try and get myself to another class now!
5. my face of the night from my friends birthday party in oxford. got slightly lost along the way getting there but so glad i went as was lovely to have a night out with old friends =)
hope you all had a great week and january is treating you well so far!
  • Lovely pics! :)


  • Love seeing these. I must book spinning!!!!


  • @Fairy Dust – thanks lovely!x

    @Georgia – yay!! do it! its probs one of the hardest but best things to do. well worth it =) x

  • hi lovely lady,

    amazing blog you have so i have given you the ‘lovely blog’ award! check it out at

    happy blogging!

    have a great 2011 :D


  • @crystal – thanks so much crystal!! your too kind =) xx

  • Lovely pics :). Cocktails look yummy!!

    Sadie x

  • I love these wee posts! Spinning looks ridiculously hard, may need to get my bum in gear and try out some new classes this year though!! Lovely post xxx

  • @♥ Sadie ♥ – thanks! they were lovely!! there should be a rule that everyone should have at least one cocktail per week :P x

    @Jenn – thanks so much! oh it was but well worth it. its great as the training really helps to motivate you x

  • Good luck back at uni :) Also I promise I’m not a stalker but were you at Lollipop friday night? I swear I saw you but didn’t want to ask if you were *starsglittermagic* to someone who wasn’t you as I may have got some very strange looks ha x

  • @Helen – i was i was!! i was wearing a white dress with long floatly sleeves! eek let me know next time your in bournemouth/out and we can have a lil bloggers meet up :P xx

  • Ohhh gooood what’s the hype about these mini eggs and others !
    I heard everyone talking about it. This is the first thing on my wishlist for my next trip to the UK :)
    I’m also dying to try spinning class :)!
    I love these kind of post xx

  • @Marilou – creme eggs and mini eggs are only on sale for easter (and early this year) so they usually create quite a fuss when they hit the shelves. they are also delicious! nom nom =) xx