my week in pictures boxing day special! #7

can you believe christmas day is already over?! there is such a build up to christmas day and the day itself seems to go by so quickly. hope you all had an amazing day and santa spoiled you rotten =)
here is what i have been up to this week!
1. meet the new addition to my family….harrold! i went for a drink with friends on monday when the snow was literally coming down in cotton bud sizes. when i got home there was at least 6 inches of fresh snow so i took this opportunity to make harrold!
2. on tuesday my friend held and early christmas dinner which also resulted in the 3rd christmas meal!! we had a great night, held a secret santa and all enjoyed too much wine :P it was nice to be able to sit with old friends around the dinner table and have a good catch up
3. on wednesday my mum and i went to southbank. there was stalls by the river where we had a hog roast and i took some photos =) i really do love living in london!
4. wednesday night (after the epic hog roast!) mum and i went to see flawless at the royal albert hall. it was such a good show and their dancing is amazing! i literally fell in love with every single one of them :P
5. on christmas eve me and my parents made home made pizzas. this is something we do every year as mum doesn’t want to cook much the night before christmas! the pizzas were so so yummy and i even managed to make home made stuff crust! NOM
6. sadly harrold did not really make it to christmas. this photo is of him on christmas morning when we went out for a drink. poor guy is on his last legs!
hope you all had an amazing week =)
lots of love!
  • Looks like you had a good week! Poor Harold..


  • @Savannah – it was a fun week =) still heartbroken about harrold :P he was a great snowman! haha xx

  • Love Harold, we’re all going to miss him much!

    I’m planning a trip to London in April, so I’ll ask you about not-typical tourist places that me and my bf can visit! :)


  • It looks like you had such an amazing day! Happy holidays! x

  • @Andrea – poor old harrold. he bought so much joy to my life! ooo thats really exciting! anything you need to know just ask =) i always turn into a tourist when i come home :p xx

    @Rachel – i really did =) hope you had an amazing day too lovely xx

  • melted harrold looks like a duck! :P haha xxx

  • @Chloe – bahah he does doesn’t he! checked on him today and now all that is left is the carrot!xx

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  • @♥ Leah – thanks hun =) will check out yours too x