my week in pictures #6

it’s that time of the week again! it sunday, the night is drawing in, the snow is settled and its time to post what i have been up to this week =)
1. finally my first masters project is done and handed in! i’ve spent the last 2 weeks manically trying to get it done. it was a 10,000 film proposal, marketing strategy and critical analysis for my feature animation based on the Legend of the Trojan horse with the main characters being squirrels :P
2. kinect game! sadly it is not me who has a kinect but my friend got one this week. we went out tuesday night n for pre-drinks we set up his kinect. if you have an xbox you have to get one! they are so so much fun and you have a proper laugh playing them and everyone can join in
3. im home for christmas! i surprised my parents and came home thursday night for the holidays. its so nice being home and i added the final touches to our purple and silver christmas tree =)
4. SNOW! it snowed again and this a shot from our loft conversion. everywhere looks so pretty and really puts you in the christmas spirt
5. not a great photo i know but this is from one of my local pubs. one thing i love about being home is catching up with old friends. me and a couple of friends went to our local last night. there was a live band (made up of dads :P) playing white stripes to the fratellis to christmas songs! it was a great laugh and everyone was dancing and having a great time
hope you had a great week! less then a week till christmas day! you can really feel the excitement in the air =)
  • My Christmas tree is purple and silver too… My fave colours :) I really like your blog too xx

  • your blog is very nice,..
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  • ooh the snow looks so pretty – it’s all melting here :(
    loving your blog!! x

  • @Charli! – they are the best colours to have! thanks lovely =) x

    @Harman – thanks so much =)

    @..R May A.. – i love it when is snows everywhere looks so so pretty. not so nice when it melts and turns to sludge =( xx