my week in pictures #1

i’ve seen a few bloggers do a post that uses pictures to show what they have been up to that week
i love reading these posts and figured i’d try and do one myself =)
these pictures will usually only be iphone quality pictures as its me when im out and about n only have my iphone on me!
1. harrods at night
2. enjoying a hot chocolate in costa
3. shopping for a roast (and christmas wrapping paper!)
4. lola in the spotlight
5. southbank
6. westfields
  • awh i love these pictures! especially the first, harrods is so beautiful at night! i feel like a peasant walking in sometimes, haha ijoke;)

  • @Irene – glad you like them!! that harrods picture was my 5th attempt :P was lucky to be stuck in traffic!! i was staring in awe at the window displays too. so so pretty xx

  • looks like you had a fabulous week. Love the first picture. I am a new follower!


  • @Fashion Meets Food – i did indeed =) thanks so much for following am following back xx

  • lovely photos and lovely blog, :))

  • looks fab!! Harrods looks lovely all sparkly with the fairy lights!

  • @chan? – thanks sweets!x

    @Stacey – Harrods is such a winter wonderland especially with the lights. so pretty to look at =) x

  • hi! your blog and pictures are of luck

  • @shikha kaushik – thanks so much for your kind comment =)

  • I love your picture!
    Great post!
    I just found your blog,it’s very cute.I added to your followers:)
    xx Mary

  • @Mary – thanks so much Mary! and thanks for following =) x

  • Awww when I see all these pictures it reminds of me of the amazing summer I spent in London. :-) You’re very lucky to live there and I weigh my words

  • Marilou – i love being from London so much! every time i get to home i am like a tourist taking photos and getting all excited!